New55 Film Kickstarter Project

New55 Film Kickstarter Project

If you follow my blog and my work you know what a Polaroid lover I am. And you may have seen my previous post about the New55 film being developed to replace Polaroid Type 55 film. This is an extremely important tool for artists and I hope you will join me in pledging at Kickstarter.  There’s 28 days to go and they’ve already raised almost $100,000.00 of their $400,000.00 goal in order to make a…

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ChemTrails Conspiracy

Catchy titles for blog posts keep me entertained. You must entertain yourself at all costs or life gets zombied.

Claudine visited California recently and we caught some images and some chem trails. All images shot with a RolleiFlex on Ilford PANF Plus 50…

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